Aileron Gap Seal (Square Wing)


Gains: 3 MPH

Product Description

Aircraft: All PA 28, 32

Gains: Up To 3 MPH
Installation Time: Typical Installation In 3 HRS
Durable Aluminum Construction
FAA Approved By STC
Money back guarantee on all LFS products. Contact us for more information.
Price: $279.00 for the complete set through June 30, 2018. After June 30, price will be $310. Order now to avoid $31 price increase.

A wing should be a smooth lifting surface, with no leakage between the high-pressure bottom side and the low pressure upper side.

A Piper’s wing is neither smooth nor free from leaks. Stopping the leakage of air across the wing is easy. All you have to do is put gap seals between the wing and the flaps and between the wing and the ailerons. This is simple and highly cost effective. Sealing these gaps will gain you approximately five to six M.P.H. in cruise speed and fifty feet per minute in rate of climb. You get an added bonus of lower stall speed and much greater aileron effectiveness.

This is a mod you can’t afford to do without- the fuel savings alone will surely pay for the installation itself in no time!

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs


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