Flap Gap Seals PA34

$450.00 $405.00

Gains: 3 MPH

It is always preferable to use mods of the same material as the part to which they are attached. This eliminates problems of incompatibility, differential shrinkage or expansion leading to cracks, problems in paint matching, etc. Always attach only aluminum parts to your wing.

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Aircraft: PA 34

Gains: Up To 3 MPH
Installation Time: Typical Installation In 3 HRS
Durable Aluminum Construction
FAA Approved By STC
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Retail Price: $450.00
Sale Price: $405.00 if ordered by December 31, 2018.

Piper flaps have a large gap between the flap and the rear wing spar. This gap allows high pressure air from under the wing to rush upwards into the low pressure area above the wing. This vertical air current has the effect of separating the air from the upper surface of the flap, reducing its lift and increasing the drag! Laminar Flow Systems flap gap seals eliminate this problem! ( Some of the latest model Pipers actually include flap gap seals,
validating our concept, which has been in production since 1983!)

Installation can be done without removing the flaps which makes this a very straight forward installation.

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