Complete Kit For PA28R 201

$2,434.00 $2,334.00

Gains up to 15 mph.

Retail PriceĀ (if purchased separately): $2,704.00.
Discounted Package Price: $2,434.00.

Sale Price: $2,334.00

May Sale – $100 off all kits! Pay only $2,334 if you order before May 31, 2019.


Up to 15 mph, 200 ft per minute increase in Rate of climb

FAA Approved By STC
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This kit includes the following: Aileron gap seals, Flap gap seals, Flap hinge fairings, Fuel Tank Fairings and Smoothing Kit and Wheel Well fairings. Wing smoothing kit includes a contour tool, dial caliper gage and instructions; It does not include body filler material.


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