Fancy Pants

$1,195.00 $1,120.00


Aircraft: All PA 28’s up to 1978 and PA 32 1977 and older
Gains: Up To 10 MPH
Installation Time: Typical Installation In 4-6 HRS
Durable Fiberglass Construction
FAA Approved By STC
Money back guarantee on all LFS products. Contact us for more information.
Retail Price: $1,195 for the set of two main landing gear pants. Shipping via UPS Ground is an additional $150.00. Add a nose fairing at the same time and save an additional $25.00.
Sale Price: $1120.00 if ordered by April 30, 2019.

Save even more – Order 3 or more items and get 10% off the original retail price on your purchase (excludes already discounted complete kits).  For online orders your final invoice will be adjusted by us. Offer ends April 30, 2019.

Typical lead time is 2-4 weeks.

Note: If your PA 32 is from 1978 or older, you can install Fancy Pants. If newer, you need Speed Pants.

You really need to do something about the landing gear. Those extended struts need covering, because their drag is twenty times higher than it need be!

Exposed brakes and trailing linkages just make matters worse, and our Fancy Pants really solve the problem as well as beautify your plane. A set of Fancy Pants will cover all the exposed brake and strut parts on your main gear.

The main advantages which our Fancy Pants have over the competition are:

1 They do not have to be removed for service
2) They can be installed seamlessly, so they look original…only much better.
3) They have no service problems

Fancy Pants can be installed in under a day. To install them you have to have the original pants in place. You attach the Fancy Pants to the original wheel pants and fasten them with the provided hardware (rivets). Since you need to paint the final pants anyway, we suggest that you fiberglass or smooth over the seam line between the fancy pant and the original pant to get the best look and performance. See pictures for some examples.

Fancy Pants are an extremely elegant and aerodynamically efficient improvement to pre-1978 Piper main gear pants. They follow the exact shape of the original, and look as though they are part of the original design.

They are permanently attached to the Piper pants, and are removed as one piece. There is a large access and service door through which normal inspections and service can be conducted with ease.

Fancy Pants are our second version. (The first version had serious shortcomings, and we decided to take it off the market in 1987. This old version is the one GAC copied, and which is being currently sold by K2U.) Perhaps the greatest shortcoming is that there is no access to the landing gear except by removing the fairing completely. The GAC/K2U copy also suffers aerodynamically because it is an add -on (like a blister,) and does not take advantage of the available length to form a continuous curve.

Our second version has been on the market since 1989… it gives around 9 mph increase in cruise speed over the original pants. It can be used by all Piper PA28 and PA32 aircraft already equipped with the (pre 1978) Piper fairings. Each pant weighs 3.03 pounds (typical).

It ships in large, protected box that weighs 64 pounds in dimensional weight.

Additional information

Weight 64 lbs
Dimensions 47 x 21 x 12 in


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