Nose Gear Fairings

$287.00 $262.00

Gains: 2-3 MPH
Piper pant not included.


Aircraft: All fixed gear PA 28,32 to 1978
Gains: Up To 3 MPH
Installation Time: Typical Installation In 2 HRS
Durable Fiberglass Construction
FAA Approved By STC
Money back guarantee on all LFS products. Contact us for more information.
Retail Price: $287.00. Sale Price: $262.00 if ordered by April 30, 2019.

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The Cherokee nose gear strut is one of the highest drag producing parts of the whole plane because it is extremely un-aerodynamic and because it is right behind the propeller, which increases the local air velocity.

The Laminar Flow Systems strut fairing manages to create a tear- drop shape around the lower nose strut, thus reducing the drag co-efficient from approximately 1.0 to .05. That’s a 95% reduction! Finished in white gelcoat, all hardware is included, as well as instructions and STC.

The towbar can be used normally, but sometimes needs modification if the jaws are “short” to extend them.

Simple to install, this is an elegant and trouble- free part that fits on most Piper PA 28 nose pants up to 1977.

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Weight 5 lbs


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