Fuel Tank Fairings & Wing Smoothing Kit (4 fuel tanks)

$1,660.00 $1,585.00

Gains: 8-15 MPH

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Aircraft: PA 32R,34 (Lance, Saratoga SP)
Gains: Up To 4 MPH (Without Smoothing)
Installation Time: Typical Installation In 5-7 HRS (Without Smoothing)
Durable Aluminum Construction
FAA Approved By STC
Retail Price: $1,660.00 for the set.
Sale Price: $1,585.00 if ordered by May 31, 2019.

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There are plenty more miles an hour waiting out there for those willing to smooth the upper leading edge to obtain Laminar Flow. The Piper wings employ a Laminar Flow section, but the construction techniques fall far short of the requirements. For instance, there can be no exposed rivets or screws, and there can be no skin overlaps if Laminar Flow is to be achieved.

We supply the parts which cover over and around six hundred rivets and screws, which on their own will provide between a 3 and 4 mph increase in speed, and a dial gauge to check the rest of the critical area and smooth it as indicated. Wing smoothing kit includes a contour tool, dial caliper gage and instructions; It does not include body filler material.

This is an installation video on the wing smoothing installation process:

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Weight 20 lbs


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